Hello, my name is Neal Mack MD.

I am a practicing emergency medicine physician.  I currently work in a full service Emergency Room in a psychiatric hospital.  I have been a Christian since age 8, and I believe there is no higher purpose in life than finding and serving the Lord Jesus Christ.

I am of course trained in the sciences, having taken courses in biology, embryology, quantitative and qualitative chemistry, biochemistry, and many others.  I graduated with a Bachelors Degree and honors in Biology, and I attended the University of Illinois College of Medicine, where I graduated in the top third of the class.  I have known that evolution had absolutely no scientific credibility, since high school and early college. However the secular atheistic community has held profound sway over the scientific community since the 1960’s, and we are now beginning to see the results of this everywhere we look.  God has allowed our society to undergo a transformation befitting our faithlessness.

But God has not abandoned us.  Science, when used appropriately, neither defies the Bible, nor supports atheistic claims.  Science and the Bible are absolutely NOT contradictory. In fact there are now thousands of scientific facts, studies, and conclusions which show that Evolution is not merely improbable, it is impossible.  Finally we are seeing the maturation of the philosophical, scientific, and cosmological arguments that began over a century ago, and that information is pointing back to Creation.  The Cosmological foundations of the Big Bang have been crumbling for decades, and there are now thousands of  scientifically trained individuals like myself, willing to challenge the atheists, and return science to its rightful place.

Real science, unpretentious and unassuming is this, to investigate the wonders of Creation with all the powers of our God given intellectual capacity, and to maintain truth and objectivity at all costs.” A Neal Mack MD

A century ago evolution was a credible theory looking for proof. Now tens of thousands of scientists have spent their lives looking for proof and found none. Evolution is no longer even a credible theory. But tragically, in the meantime it has become dogma” AN Mack MD