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Half the country is heartbroken right now.

Heartbroken because for 4 years our president was falsely accused by the press and his political enemies of crimes and associations with foreign leaders without a shred of evidence. Accusations proven to be baseless and politically motivated. Accusations initiated by dishonest Democrat politicians and supported by the Main Stream Media. He was even spied on by his political enemies with the approval of Biden and Obama. And never an apology issued.

Heartbroken because now the very press and political leaders who accused and harassed him are offering full and gleeful support of Joe Biden, who is proven to have committed Bribery and Extortion on a scale previously unknown in American politics. Know and proven to have done all the things they accused our president ofonly on a much grander scale.

Heartbroken that for the last year Facebook, Twitter, and the media have incessantly censored and “fact-checked” conservative posts in a positively Orwellian manner, but now that the facts of the most unusual election in memory are in dispute, they all refuse to even allow a proper vote count to rule out fraud. Now they are rushing to certify an election that has dead voters, late voters, illegal voters, and even a computer “glitch” that sent thousands of Trump votes to Biden! In short, all the earmarks of a Democratic conspiracy to commit voter fraud. Now the very same folks who say the 2016 election was “stolen” claim there’s no way the election could be rigged.

Heartbroken because a good man gave 4 years of his life to serve our country, to try to restore the American dream of freedom and personal responsibility. He even served without taking a salary, yet he was mercilessly persecuted by political enemies who were afraid he would expose their corruption. He was called the Great Divider, yet 70 Democrats didn’t even show up for his inauguration! His impeachment started even before the inauguration! And Pelosi Ripped up his State of the Union speech on national television. So who was really the divider?

Heartbroken that just when the SWAMP was about to be drained, all the evil alligators and sordid snakes came crawling back and took control. Evil has won. Now all the corruption, pedophilia, bribery, and extortion will be hidden again. Now Washington DC, the most powerful city in the world, will return to “business as usual”.

Heartbroken that we no longer have a free press. They have sold their souls to the highest bidders. And they expect to sell America on the possibility that the man who had tens of thousands of vocal, loyal supporters at hundreds of rallies across the country, has lost the election to the old, demented, corrupt fellow who hid in his basement for months.

Heartbroken that we may never again have a free, honest, and open election in America. This election was carried out in secrecy, without observers, with vast numbers of unsubstantiated ballots, using a faulty computer system, and no one allowed to “fact check” the election. Where do we go from here?

Liberals think they have won. The celebration has begun. I just wonder, what is their prize.

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Emergency Room Physician. Student of science and student of scripture. Defending truth in a post-truth society. I believe that Truth exists, and I believe it is our duty and privilege to seek it out, amidst ignorance, frivolity, and misconceptions.

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